Let everyone know that your pup is an Iron Monk Pup with this 25' retractable leash.

  • For dogs up to 60lbs.
  • Should the cord become wet, pull it out of the casing as far as it will go and leave it to dry overnight.
  • Should the collar or any part of the leash become detached, apply the brake immediately to prevent the cord recoiling quickly.
  • Never touch the cord when it is running in and out.
  • Do not wrap it around any part of yours or your pet's body.
  • The leash should not be operated by children. Do not use the leash other than for its intended purpose.
  • Before each use you should check that the cord of your leash is not damaged or badly worn and that your dog's collar is strong enough and in perfect condition

Retractable Dog Leash

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